Grand Rapids - Feels Like A Lifetime

This video I made for Grand Rapids premiered on Spin Magazine’s Website .


A short film about my friend and artist, Tisart.  You probably don’t know him, but you will now.  Big thanks to my other friends at Flatlands Productions for all their help.

Born in the USA

It’s good to have great friends living in New Orleans because it’s an excuse to go there often.  I went for Mardi Gras and made this short film out of some gopro footage. 

Chico’s Lower East Side

Maybe you’ve seen Chico’s murals around the Lower East Side.  He’s been painting them for the past 34 years. Here’s every Chico mural I could find and some of his thoughts.

Certified 2011 Holiday Giveaway

I made this quick video for the Certified Skateboards 2011 holiday product giveaway.  Keep doing your thing!

I push and I push

I ride and I ride, tryina survive down 95.

Getting Rid of the Rot

I took an impromptu drive down to New Orleans to help a friend move.

Killin Em Summer 2011

Killin em in summer.

The Nico Blues - Folk Song Number Two

Here’s a music video I directed for The Nico Blues.  

Berlin and done

The last two clips from my recent trip.